Remote Monitoring Encourages Good Behavior and Reduces Employee Theft

Use video to discourage unethical activities and promote peak performance

If you’re concerned about the honesty of your employees – or you simply think that they could be more productive, remote monitoring could be a powerful solution to your business’s problems. Keep reading to learn more about how this technology can improve the way your employees work, and how recent advances are making it even more effective.

Increased employee productivity

Having the ability to monitor your business remotely is almost as good as being there yourself, and it can really make a difference in how your employees act and what choices they make on a day-to-day basis. Remote monitoring encourages your workers to remain on-task, work more efficiently, and feel more motivated at work by knowing their hard work will be seen. It also sends the message to employees that you are completely invested in the success of the business.

Reduced theft, loss, and vandalism

If employees know they are being monitored remotely, they will be discouraged from taking any actions that harm the business, such as theft, vandalism, and bad customer service practices. Additionally, remote monitoring ensures that employees who witness unethical activities committed by colleagues will be more likely to step up and tell their supervisors.

Workers in a company that employs remote monitoring know that the unethical activities of their co-workers can be proved on video, and that it will not look good if it’s later found that they stayed silent about theft, embezzlement, or vandalism that they knew was taking place.

Pair remote monitoring with intelligent video monitoring for maximum effect

If you want to keep your business secure and your employees as productive as possible without spending hours a day overseeing your business, you may want to pair remote monitoring with video analytics to watch for patterns, trends, and potential risks to your company’s security. Video analytics software can multiply the effectiveness of your remote monitoring system. And whether you’re personally watching over your business, or you’ve hired a security team to help out, analytics can identify dangers like break-ins and employee theft faster, and sometimes even stop them before they occur.

Important considerations when remotely monitoring employees

Remotely monitoring employees, especially when it’s paired with video analytics, can be an effective way to increase productivity and decrease the chance of negative outcomes for your business. However, it’s still important to respect your employees in the process. Before installing a remote monitoring system in your business, check all applicable local, state, and federal privacy laws, inform your employees about the extent of and reasons for monitoring them, and keep video and audio recording systems outside of non-workplace areas like bathrooms and breakrooms.

Clearly, there may be exceptions to these guidelines – especially if you are specifically trying to identify a thief or embezzler inside your company. But it’s usually best to be open with your staff in order to keep morale high, prevent misunderstandings, and to protect yourself from any legal or ethical challenges to your company’s security practices.

No matter why you want to implement remote monitoring, it can become a powerful tool to increase the efficiency of your workforce and the effectiveness of your security team. To better understand how remote monitoring, intelligent video analytics, and other technologies can improve your company’s security, contact POM Technologies at 212.688.2767 or through our online form today for a free consultation.