Better Security for Construction Sites

Remote Video Monitoring for Construction Sites

Like many workplaces, construction sites can benefit significantly from security solutions that protect the property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One of the best security solution for construction sites is remote video monitoring, which works to proactively monitor what’s happening at a site in real-time. The service can watch a job location for weeks, months or years—however long it takes until the project is complete.

Here’s what construction managers can accomplish with remote video monitoring:

Protection of assets

Construction sites without surveillance are magnets for theft when no one’s around. Valuable assets that might remain on a construction site could be anything from specialized vehicles and building materials (like wood and glass) to expensive electronic tools and coveted infrastructure materials (like copper and steel). Fortunately, it can all be protected by a remote video monitoring service.

Remote video monitoring can patrol an area overnight and use built-in camera analytics to detect activity. Here’s how it works: If activity is detected when it shouldn’t be, the system alerts a live remote agent at a central station monitoring center. That agent then checks the live video feeds to determine how to respond. Agents have a few different options; they can give a verbal warning through an onsite speaker system, notify construction security personnel, or notify the authorities of a crime in action.

Monitoring of employees

With remote video monitoring, central station agents aren’t the only ones who have remote access into live video feeds. The services gives construction managers access as well, meaning they get full visibility into what’s happening on site throughout the course of a project. This allows them to better manage site workers on a regular basis by tracking time spent on the job and checking up on any employee-related concerns that surface throughout the project. For instance, if a supervisor or subordinate were to raise concerns about a fellow crew member—whether it was lack of work, theft, or inappropriate behavior—the person in charge can retrieve footage to assess the situation.

In addition, remote monitoring can enforce designated work zones. As mentioned before, camera analytics can be programmed to detect activity in places where activity shouldn’t occur. This means that agents will be alerted if a crew member were to wander into a restricted area.

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In conclusion, remote video monitoring can help construction sites improve surveillance for better protection and monitor employees for less liability. To learn more about the different steps you can take to ensure your construction site is fully protected,  contact us today at 212-688-2767 or get in touch here.

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