4 Reasons to Invest in Remote Video Monitoring

Security system outside New York building

The face of security evolved as modern technology paved the way for more effective and efficient ways of providing protection. This is definitely the case for monitoring site activity. To protect your business from security threats in a safe and cost-efficient way, you can invest in remote video monitoring in NYC. Here are four reasons why it’s a valuable service:

Mitigates theft and vandalism

Remote video monitoring uses intelligent camera analytics to pick up on trespassing while it’s taking place. Then, remote agents interfere by triggering an alarm, giving a warning, or alerting authorities. This can all happen in seconds, before a person even has the chance to carry out the crime.

Saves on insurance

A remote video monitoring system lowers the risks in your business. This safety net can entitle you to lower insurance cost and insurance premiums.

One fixed monthly fee

Onsite security guards can be entirely necessary, but also costly. Instead of hiring additional security staff to improve site security, remote video monitoring can be the alternative. You can pay one monthly fee to reduce false alarms and supplement your existing staff.

And of course, 24/7 security

While security guards are undeniably beneficial to site safety, they are human. And humans make mistakes. Unfortunately, mistakes provide a window of opportunity for criminals to take action. But with remote video monitoring, there is technology to detect crime immediately and an additional person to take action at all times.

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