Remote Video Monitoring: The Service That Strengthens Building Security

The time is midnight and your facility is closed for the day – lights are off, doors are locked, and occupants are gone. There’s no activity in sight, until a hooded figure approaches a back entrance to make a break-in attempt.

A voice appears: “This is security. Your actions are being monitored and recorded, and the police will be dispatched to your location.” In mere seconds, the intruder takes off running.

Remote video monitoring

This scenario demonstrates the use of a voice-down system, one of the many features of remote video monitoring. Remote monitoring is an advanced security service that combines a central station system, onsite surveillance and camera analytics to proactively monitor and protect a property in real-time.

This type of security has become increasingly popular among facilities in recent years. But as all Facility Managers know, security is never a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s important to educate yourself about remote surveillance to recognize if it’s a solution you should consider.

The advantages of remote video monitoring

Intelligently assess activity

Surveillance cameras are an essential asset to a powerful security strategy, as they record all activity and even deter crime from time to time. Yet when people and property are at risk, surveillance cameras alone can’t do anything to notify someone or take action. That’s where an integration with remote video monitoring comes in.

With remote monitoring, digital tripwires can alert your security team when a predetermined line is crossed, and analytic algorithms can detect unusual activity that may be considered suspicious. This technology can be customized to interpret specific types of activity, including shapes, movements, etc., to improve response protocols and reduce false alarms.

Deter trespassing, loitering & theft

Whether you manage a school, hospital or commercial office building, your property is naturally at risk for attracting unwanted visitors, especially if it’s located in a high-crime area. Remote video monitoring can help you deter these uninvited guests.

If someone were to enter your property after-hours or in a restricted area, your system would pick up on it using the intelligent software mentioned earlier. As a result, an alert would be triggered and a remote specialist notified. The specialist would then use a voice-down warning, activate an alarm, and/or notify onsite security personnel and authorities, depending on the severity of the situation.

Augment existing security 

Onsite security guards are undoubtedly a valuable part of a complete security plan, but they don’t come without complications. With the risk of their own safety, the liability of confrontation with others and the inability to cover all areas at once, guards can always use back-up.

Remote video monitoring can support your guards in a number of ways. It can virtually patrol your site on a set schedule to supervise areas that would have otherwise been neglected. It can alert your guards when there’s a threat and inform them where that threat is located. And it can give your guards more time to focus on daily tasks, such as opening and closing the building, completing logs, and so on.

Reduce costs

Speaking of security guards – it’s never a bad idea to have onsite security staff during operation hours when multiple people are around. But during off-hours, it might be more cost-effective to invest in remote video monitoring as an alternative.

A guard working the night shift could cost upwards of $8,000 per month depending on the site, whereas remote monitoring would usually cost a fraction of that. In addition, the service would be more efficient than a guard during after-hours. Remote monitoring doesn’t sleep, can oversee multiple areas at once, and can quickly and efficiently respond to a threat, all without anyone’s safety being jeopardized.

Is remote video monitoring right for your organization?

It’s a tough question to answer, but one thing is for certain: if there are gaps in your security plan that could be filled by any of the attributes listed above, remote video monitoring is a solution worth looking into. For the right facility, the service can supplement existing security efforts to take protection to an exceptional next level.

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