Remote Video Monitoring vs. Onsite Guards

video monitoring vs onsite guards

When it comes to detecting suspicious activity, how does a remote video monitoring service compare to onsite security staff? Let’s examine some of the ways you can support (or in some cases replace) a live security force with remote video monitoring. NYC businesses and organizations in need of better security should take the following into consideration:

1. Quick response

No matter how trained and experienced security guards are, none of them have the ability to oversee multiple areas of a building at once. Fortunately, technology does have this ability. A remote video monitoring system monitors for activity using high-tech camera analytics. If it picks up on something out of the ordinary, it immediately shows camera feeds of the area to live, remote guards. These guards can then respond in whatever way the client has requested.

Remote guards can give a voice-down warning to intruders, alert site administrators or even contact authorities. In cases where an onsite guard is present, the system can notify that guard of the situation to aid in response. This service helps maximize effectiveness on detection and response, while minimizing risk for everyone involved. 

2. Minimal human error

Nothing is more unnerving than a scuffle between a security guard and a patron. Not only does it subject everyone on the property to a scary, uncomfortable situation, but it also puts the guard and patron at risk of injury. If this happens, businesses can be held liable. And if an onsite security guard happens to be alone during an altercation with an intruder, things could take a turn for the worse before that guard has time to call for help.

Remote video monitoring can mitigate altercations and avoid mistakes. Instead of relying on an onsite guard alone to monitor an entire site and judge how to act, businesses can use remote video monitoring to give that guard extra support. A remote video monitoring system will always be fully operational and help onsite guards do a better job. 

3. Lower costs

A full-time, professional security force can cost an organization a tremendous amount of money. According to, security guard salaries range anywhere from $22,000 to $39,000 per year. That’s for just one person, not accounting for security staff to work other shifts – and, not accounting for ancillary employee benefits. That being said, the cost of a quality remote video monitoring service can be substantially lower than hiring a live security staff – and if properly implemented, it can be every bit as effective.

These are some of the ways that onsite security guards may be assisted, strengthened, or substituted by remote video monitoring. NYC site managers that wish to learn more can contact us for more information.

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