School Surveillance Equipment NYC: Remote Video Monitoring

Campus video surveillance has moved to the forefront of the national conversation on school security. As people reflect on the recent school security breaches that have taken place throughout the country, they are taking more time to contemplate what the priority features should be in school surveillance equipment. NYC schools that are taking stock of their own security equipment right now should consider what a managed services plan can offer, including the advantages of remote video monitoring.

Remote video monitoring for school surveillance equipment

With the threats that today’s schools face, security cameras alone are not enough. We recommend incorporating remote video monitoring, a managed service that substantially multiplies the power of school surveillance equipment. NYC schools with remote video monitoring will tell you it’s like having an additional security force backing up the onsite guards. Intelligent camera analytics can recognize unusual activity and alert a remote agent to handle it.

Other security considerations

It’s important to work with a company that fully understands your security strategy and challenges so that they know which type of activity should trigger an intervention. For example, you might wish to be contacted if anyone is outside during class time periods or before school starts. You might also wish to be notified if anyone is present in unusual zones of the campus at certain times of day. If your district is considering different providers, it is critical to ask about their commitment to following these types of parameters in your security plan. It can make a big difference in the event of an emergency.

Other enhancements to school surveillance equipment in NYC

Remote video monitoring is a key piece to the puzzle, but security doesn’t need to end there. Other surveillance enhancements that can be leveraged for optimal school security include:

During an emergency that threatens school security, these components can all work together alongside your video surveillance to minimize threats to students and staff. To learn more about remote video monitoring and its ability to significantly improve your school surveillance, contact us today.

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