Why Hospitals Need Security Alarm Systems, Surveillance and Access Control

Three security personnel monitoring camera activity

Hospitals have a large list of high-priority security concerns, including patient and children safety, emergency room security, visitor management, pharmacy control and equipment protection. And between the influx of traffic, hectic hospital schedules, complex environments and unpredictable emergencies, hospitals need unique and strong security solutions to address these concerns.

An integrated security system that can adapt to a hospital’s unique needs and challenges is key. We’ve seen surveillance, access control and security alarm systems in NYC remain fundamental components of an effective strategy. Here are three major benefits of such a system:

1. Strong visibility and oversight

Did you know that 70% of occupational violence occurs in healthcare? This is just one reason why hospitals need to monitor and record site activities 24/7.

CCTV surveillance allows live security staff to quickly become aware of incidents as they occur so they can respond accordingly. It also provides video evidence to assist law enforcement in investigations and protect hospital management in liability claims.

2. Permit and restrict entry

A hospital is a vulnerable place, given the amount of people, confidential data, high-tech equipment and pharmaceuticals inside. To get adequate protection against unauthorized people, hospitals need access control systems.

Hospitals can use a combination of ID badges and electronic locks to permit or restrict entry for patients and employees. Hospitals also need visitor management systems to keep track of the many visitors that come each day. An effective visitor management system can even run names against government databases, such as a registered sex offender database.

3. Intrusion detection and mass notification

An alarm system is the best way to ensure that everyone in a hospital would be notified during an emergency. This means that if a fire were to occur, the entire hospital would be made aware and could evacuate in a timely manner. And if there was an intruder, hospital staff would be alerted immediately to take steps to protect themselves and patients.

There are even emergency management platforms hospitals can use to actively track people during an emergency. This helps confirm whether or not everyone has reached safety and lets authorities know who might be in danger.


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At Peace of Mind Technologies, we have significant experience in the healthcare industry and can take on complex hospital security projects. Surveillance, access control and alarms are important pieces to the puzzle, but the perfect security solution depends upon the specific site and its challenges.

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