Best Ways to Optimize Security Cameras

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To actively monitor a building, you need functioning security cameras. NYC facilities both big and small will see major benefits from installing a surveillance system, such as crime prevention and threat protection. But choosing to invest is just the beginning. Here are some tips for optimizing onsite security cameras:

High-quality is essential

Surveillance cameras can be a great help to authorities in investigating crimes. After the Boston Marathon bombing, for example, the FBI was able to investigate the crime using CCTV footages located throughout downtown Boston, leading to an eventual capture of the perpetrators.

But the quality of the footage is important. With low quality, blurry images, you won’t be able to properly identify the crime or criminals. High resolution cameras provide clear footage details from a distance, function in various forms of lighting, and can even make use of the zoom function for a closer look.

Pay attention to placement

Security cameras perform best in corners facing downward, which offers an efficient viewing angle of area activity. No matter where you place cameras though, it’s critical to limit possible interference. Place them in areas where they are out of reach.

In the past when most site cameras were hardwired, they were limited in placement by the range of the wires. Now, wireless surveillance cameras have much more flexibility without having to worry about connecting.

Focus on key areas

Install security cameras in key areas throughout your facility. This includes areas with valuable assets, such as financial assets, merchandise, important data, documents and more. It also includes points of access to the building. Every single door and window needs total surveillance coverage. This will ensure that your most valuable areas are protected.

Perform ongoing checks and maintenance

Everything from angles and positioning to resolution and storage should be checked on an ongoing basis. Because without the right footage to support your investigation after a crime, your surveillance efforts are useless. Performing daily, weekly and monthly checks and maintenance for your surveillance cameras will ensure they are functioning optimally.

Of course, if you aren’t an expert in the field or don’t have the time, contact us about our POMAdvantage Plan. We will check your system for you on an ongoing basis and provide unlimited service visits to ensure your cameras stay up-and-running.

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Need security cameras in NYC?

To optimize your security cameras for your NYC building, you need the right security partner. At Peace of Mind Technologies, we offer site-specific security solutions that actively protect businesses, schools, hospitals and all kinds of other facilities. Call us for inquiries or visit our website for more info.