Checklist for Hotel Security Systems in NYC

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Around 60% of people check-in to hotels every year. As such, it’s important to make sure your guests feel secure and at ease during their stay at your hotel, for safety reasons of course, but also for reputation reasons. In a city like New York with countless hotels, your security plan is critical. Here’s a checklist to help you evaluate your hotel security system in NYC:

Cameras and detection

First and foremost, you need high quality security cameras to record those who enter the hotel, those who leave the hotel, and all hotel activity. It’s important to make sure cameras are strategically placed throughout the inside and outside of your hotel to ensure nothing can be missed. Along with surveillance cameras, you can integrate different types of technology for better detection, accuracy, and dependability. Some of these features include:

  • Intelligent analytics to detect predefined threats
  • Obtaining visual evidence with cloud-based storage
  • Managed service for reliable, proactive monitoring

Note that a predefined threat detection system involves scanning the history of present and past video recordings. For instance, if a blue shoe needs to be found, the service can scan for it.

Access control

Moreover, access control and ID badges can provide your hotel with optimum security by controlling who can access certain areas. This would mainly be used for hotel staff. You can implement different access control systems to permit staff access when necessary and track the location of staff whereabouts.

Managed services

Furthermore, we offer security system services to monitor hotels in real-time and provide on-site management. With managed services, you can get another set of eyes on your site and assistance during high-traffic times, as well as supplemental video monitoring for an off-duty security guard.


where can i find the best security system in nyc for hotel security?


Advance your hotel security system in NYC

We know the importance of having a great security system for your hotel. If you’re in need of a new system or need an expert to help you tackle your unique security challenges, we have you covered. Contact us today to learn more.