The Advantages of a Multi-unit Residential Security System

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If you’re a multi-unit residential building owner in New York, you know how important it is to ensure tenant safety. By installing a security system in your NYC building, you can guard your site, reassure your tenants of their security and help foster a sense of community. But that’s not all—here are the major benefits of multi-unit residential security:

Property damage prevention

It is nearly impossible to know what’s going on at your site without proper security, which means your multi-unit residential building is prone to vandalism and other forms of property damage without the right security measures in place.

Implementing security technologies such as surveillance and remote video monitoring is critical to preventing vandalism and property damage. This type of security can act as a deterrent, and it can help catch criminals so they don’t come back.

Property value

Anyone looking at residential apartments in New York City is paying close attention to the safety of the building. By employing a security system for your multi-unit residential site, you can 1) attract tenants who value safety and 2) have prices that reflect your site’s security.

Crime protection

As mentioned earlier, security systems alone can deter criminal activity. When people are aware of the presence of surveillance and alarm systems, they are usually less likely to commit a crime. And if they do decide to act, systems now have intelligent settings and analytics to detect criminal activity.

For example, remote monitoring services can pick up on unusual activity during late night hours so that remote agents can check up on camera feeds to see what’s going on. This type of service is very useful in catching a criminal in the act.


High-quality surveillance footage plays a critical role in court evidence. This means that, in the situation of an unfortunate event or crime, you can use your CCTV footage to help identify a criminal or use it as evidence against a suspect.

who offers the best security system nyc?

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