Hotel Security: 3 Major Concerns (and Solutions)

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In the hospitality industry, reputation is everything. That’s why it’s so important to provide guests with a safe, welcoming and comfortable home away from home.

But when it comes to security, hotels have it a little harder. They have to find the perfect balance between a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and a safe one.

Here are three major concerns regarding hotel security and what hotels can do to maintain the best appeal to guests:

Balancing customer service and security

By maintaining both customer service and security, hotels can keep customers safe and satisfied. This starts with hotel staff. Staff members need the right experience, training and supervision from management to learn how to balance great customer service and total security.

Every hotel staff member, whether a front desk associate, a security guard or a waiter, needs to maintain a friendly approach to guests. But security protocols must never be overlooked.

For example, just because someone is staying in an executive suite does not mean he or she is exempt from standard security procedures, such as providing proof of identification.

With the right training and management in place, hotel employees will exceed at balancing hospitality and security, which will ultimately keep everyone happy.

Around-the-clock protection

It’s important to have security staff present at main entrances and access points, especially during busy hours of the day.

But this effort shouldn’t end when traffic slows. A live security staff of some sort should be present throughout all hours of the night as well.

If hotel managers don’t have enough security employees to cover the grounds, remote video monitoring is an effective alternative. A remote team can complete site patrols throughout different areas of the hotel at different times, while monitoring live feeds to stay vigilant.

Remote video monitoring is useful for areas hotels tend to neglect, such as parking lots, gyms and loading docks.

Emergency planning

Unfortunately, hotels need to prepare for worst-case scenarios. It’s important to consider all kinds of emergencies, including both natural disasters and acts of terrorism.

Emergency plans must consider how staff members will assist and direct guests during different events, as well as how a hotel’s physical security systems will be used to mitigate the situation.

Existing emergency procedures should be reviewed annually and drills should take place on an ongoing basis.

Hotels can speak with their security partners to help formulate an emergency response plan that makes sense. An experienced security partner can help identify gaps in an emergency plan, answer all questions and make site-specific recommendations.

who offers the best security system nyc?

Achieve a seamless integration of hotel security systems

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