Security Technologies You Need To Promote A Safer School, Now

Where is your school’s current security system falling short? What flexibility do you wish it had?Modern security technology has turned digital, and with digital comes a connectedness that offers the capability to do things we’ve only dreamed of.

If you aim to invest in the latest security technology, we recommend investing in scalable technology and a system your school can use through future iterations of your security program.

Go The Way Of Wireless

When you hear “wireless” in relation to security technology, disregard the connection associated with your wireless Internet.

“Today’s wireless systems are designed to reliably maintain a connection across the transmitter and receiver, and continue operating efficiently even when there are other RF devices nearby,” says Dave Tynan, vice president of global marketing and sales for San Diego-based MicroPower Technologies in an article published in Campus Security.

The wireless in many of today’s security technologies – surveillance, access control, video – is far superior to that of its predecessor, and its prominence continues to grow.

IP-Based Security Systems For Stronger School Security

Integrating technologies allows you, as the security controller, to assess threats in the earliest stage possible. Using wireless and IP-based security systems helps you see and know more about your immediate environment, which is invaluable to creating a safer school. Integrating the technologies below allows you to establish an emergency notification plan to prioritize specified security events and risks.

IP-Based Surveillance Cameras

Seeking to upgrade analog technology might mean running more cable in a new security design. Yet, wireless surveillance allows you to place cameras where they need to go without worrying about a physical connection. The wireless range between cameras and your command center allows you to target key areas in and outside of your school. Do your security needs necessitate clearer sightlines? With wireless surveillance, your coverage is limited only by your imagination.

Electronic Access Control

How fast are your lockdown and lockout procedures with traditional access control? By evolving your security to the level of wireless locks and electronic access, you control entry and egress from every door in the school from a central location. Reporting capabilities tell you who’s in school and who’s not. With wireless locks, there’s no need to distribute keys to people who have lost them, thereby cutting costs and decreasing liability for excess keys floating around.

Digital Video

With digital comes increased, high-definition quality. This also increases the need for more storage capabilities, but with so much data hosting being handled by the cloud, the ability to increase your space is quick and easy. Video analytics help filter the noise and hone in on targets with specified height and width dimensions. Motion detection capabilities ensure you’re notified when a threat materializes. Higher quality, better accuracy, more and longer video storage – the advantages of switching from analog to digital video continue to grow.

Pursue Future-Proof Technology

Putting the industry’s latest technology to use in your school makes your program scalable. It makes your initial investment worthwhile, and it enables you to continue adding and deploying new technology cost-effectively.

Lay the foundation for the future today: Start by conducting an initial assessment, updating policies and proactively addressing your security needs.

Start implementing change right now. Learn how to focus your change efforts by downloading Are Your Students Safe? 10 Ways To Improve Your School’s Security Solution