Surveillance Systems in NYC | Customized Security as a Service

who can help me with surveillance systems in nyc for my company?

If you’re interested in improving your facility’s security plan with security services, you need a company that will prioritize your system needs. This means the company should have an optimal security service solution for maximum protection and system health. Here’s some information about our POM+ Plan and how it can benefit your security and surveillance systems in NYC:

The POM+ Plan

All in all, this security-as-a-service solution will give you the best level of comfort and efficiency in regards to your system.

For starters, it has the advanced technology necessary to protect your people and property from danger. In addition, it has features to ease your concerns about installation, monitoring, and maintenance.

Here’s what the plan includes:

An Integrated System

  • Evaluation of your system requirements
  • Custom solution design

Cloud-Based Managed Services

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Supports guard staff and physical barriers with additional protection


  • System maintenance and protection
  • Unlimited support and on-site service visits

Heartbeat Monitoring

  • Monitors your system health
  • Detection and diagnosis of malfunctions

Advanced Technology

  • Automatic system updates at NO additional charge

Easy Payments

  • No upfront capital expenditure
  • Monthly payments for security

Our Promise

Our safety is equipped with the latest technology and services to make you feel totally safe. Furthermore, our security solutions will always be based on site-specific and situational awareness circumstances.


who can help me with surveillance systems in nyc near me?


Are You Looking for Surveillance Systems in NYC?

In conclusion, having customized security-as-a-service will benefit your facility and security needs. We are your leading experts to detect and plan a course of action to heighten your safety. Contact us today to get started!