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3 Reasons Your School Should Consider Remote Video Monitoring

These days, it’s rare to come across a school without surveillance measures in place. Video surveillance is critical; it frequently prevents crime and provides evidence for investigations or security issues⁠—leading students, teachers and administrators to feel safe and protected at school. As technology advances over time, security technology evolves with it. For school campus environments…

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5 More Ways to Solve School Security Challenges

With open campuses, off-campus lunches and extracurriculars that last into the early evening come new challenges for school security in NYC. Fortunately, the road to a more secure campus is shorter than it seems – provided that schools are willing to make practical changes that are highly cost-effective in the long run. Here are five more ways schools can solve their modern-day security challenges.

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How To Enhance School Surveillance

As parents, teachers, and students continue to heal from recent campus tragedies and the national discussion on school security continues, the idea of enhancing school surveillance has moved to the forefront. If there’s one thing all parties seem to agree on, it’s that the days of antiquated methods are over when it comes to school…

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