The 7 Essential Elements of Managed Security Services

To work properly, a security system requires more than just good equipment and a warranty. Systems have grown much more complex in recent years, and many new technologies offer significant benefits.

For maximum protection, a business can’t overlook any of these components.

These systems require proper maintenance, implementation, and supervision to be (and remain) effective, however. And while these requirements may be challenging for an in-house security personnel and IT team, they can be fulfilled efficiently with managed security services. Excellent managed services comprise the following elements:

1.  Expertise

Businesses should work with security integrators who specialize in devising security solutions customized for an organization’s needs. These experts have to be able to survey the facility, understand the specific threats faced by a business, and devise uniquely-suited solutions. Security professionals should also always be open about their certifications and licenses and provide references.

POM Technologies provides clients with a dedicated team of technicians who are certified in all of the systems serviced. In addition, clients receive enhanced system training, enabling key stakeholders to understand all of the capabilities of their security system.

2.  Quick response times

When a system failure occurs, it has to be addressed quickly and efficiently. A quality managed service provider will respond as fast as possible and do everything to take care of the problem within 24 hours.

Priority Status from POM Technologies means unlimited email and phone support, as well as on-site service visits. Customers with issues are moved to the head of the queue when a situation needs to be resolved, and a four-hour emergency response window is guaranteed any day of the year. In addition, all service vans are equipped with GPS for advanced service logistics and technicians use smart phones or tablets that enable electronic reports to be sent to customers instantly.

3.  Equipment coverage

When using the latest equipment, replacement costs can be high. Businesses should be confident that not only are their building and occupants protected, but their system is covered as well. It’s vital that quick repairs or replacements can be made if necessary and that all of the expenses related to parts and labor are covered in the plan.

If something goes wrong with a system, POM Technologies will immediately fix the issue. If a repair or replacement is necessary, loaner equipment is provided to clients – free of charge. Plans also include 100 percent coverage for parts and labor with no deductible.

4.  Remote diagnostics

With exclusive Heartbeat Monitoring technology, POM Technologies continuously monitors the health of a security system’s IP-connected devices. If any component of a system malfunctions, technicians can detect and diagnose the issue immediately. In most cases, the issue can be resolved before a business is even aware of it. This proactive approach maximizes protection and minimizes downtime.

5.  Preventative maintenance

The best security service plans include regular maintenance that works to prevent any failure or malfunction before it happens. A service provider should make regular visits to a business each year in order to keep the security system at peak performance and avert downtime.

With a POM Technologies security plan, businesses get bi-annual preventative maintenance visits from a technician to ensure that a system is in great health. In addition, clients receive status alerts that the system is being worked on which detail the actions being taken. Clients also receive the technician’s direct contact information in the event there are any questions.

6.  Accountability

A business has to be confident that its security partner will hold themselves accountable. If there are any issues or problems, a quality provider will take full responsibility and resolve them with the promise of 100 percent satisfaction.

POM Technologies provides customers with quarterly service report cards so they can see just how their security systems are operating.

7.  Unique, adaptable security strategies

Disparate organizations have different security needs. These requirements depend on a variety of factors, including size, location, the purpose of the organization, and the unique nature of possible threats. A high school or college has vastly different security needs than an urban jewelry store or a government defense contractor.

Plus, security may change based on circumstances. For example, a retail establishment may need to adapt security in light of a string of nearby robberies that have victimized similar businesses. Unlike typically static, in-house security solutions that depend on acquiring personnel or purchasing new equipment, a managed security service can quickly adjust to a heightened (or relaxed) environment, adding or changing equipment as needed. The cost of these changes is a monthly line item on a budget, rather than an expensive capital expenditure.

POM Technologies managed services also enable businesses are able to take advantage of deep discounts on new products and system upgrades. This allows companies to get the latest and most cost-effective security features at a fraction of the cost of doing it themselves.

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