The Must-Have Elements of a Strong Security System

where is a good outdoor security system?

In the modern world of increasing threats, a robust security system is more than just a preventive measure—it’s a vital need. It acts as a safety net, protecting your assets, data, employees, and ultimately your bottom line. That said, providing adequate protection for your business, facility, school, or venue is a multi-faceted challenge, requiring numerous working parts to work together cohesively to reduce vulnerabilities and keep you and your occupants safe. 


Obviously, no two buildings or businesses are alike, and different facilities have different needs when it comes to equipment and configurations. However, there are generally a few key elements that all good security systems have in common. Let’s talk about these in more detail.


Video Surveillance


A well-designed video surveillance system is crucial in maintaining a secure environment for your business. A network of cameras, both visible and hidden, ensure continuous monitoring of your premises, acting as a deterrent to potential intruders. High-resolution cameras can also can spot the smallest details, identify faces, and even read license plates. More detail means more potential evidence in the event of an incident. Advanced features such as motion detection, night vision, and facial recognition can provide additional layers of security. For maximum protection, adding a threat detection solution like Actuate AI integrates real-time video analytics with your surveillance system to detect anomalies much faster and easier than human eyes can.


Access Control


Access control systems have become very sophisticated in recent years, allowing users to become very detailed in controlling where different people can and cannot go within their facilities. These systems serve as a protective shield for your business, seamlessly restricting unauthorized access to sensitive areas to reduce threats. From traditional keycards and password access systems to biometric scanners, you can track and limit who has access to your premises and quickly identify potential intruders. As one of the top biometric systems currently available, Alcatraz AI is a powerful facial authentication system that eliminates the need for keycards, even having the ability to detect unauthorized “tailgate” entries and to require the use of masks for access. For access control screening on a larger scale, like concerts and other events, Evolv far exceeds the abilities of traditional metal detectors with advanced weapon detection as people walk normally through the screeners.


Cloud Storage and Security


With security systems relying more and more on digital technologies, cloud storage is just as useful to protect these systems as it is for backing up your operational or customer data. While onsite data storage can be hacked or tampered with, cloud storage keeps your video footage and other security data safely out of reach, protecting you from cyberattacks both against your sensitive information and your security footage. Cloud-based systems are not only resistant to physical damage but also provide easy access to data from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Data stored in the cloud can also be encrypted for an extra layer of security.




A strong security system isn’t just about the components you use; it’s also about having redundancies in place in case of component failures. Examples of these redundancies include having multiple security cameras covering the same area, incorporating backup power supplies, having multiple copies of security data in different places, engaging secondary access control systems, etc. These measures ensure the continuous operation of your security system even when one component fails. The more of these redundancies you can incorporate into your system, the less vulnerable you are to system failures.


Remote Monitoring 


Remember, any security component that is onsite has the ability to be hacked, manipulated, or bypassed. That’s why one of the best ways to add a vital safeguard to your facility is to have it monitored remotely through a reliable managed service. Not only does remote video monitoring allow you to enhance on-site security personnel (making security more effective and affordable), it also ensures that your facility is watched from a secure location that potential intruders can’t locate, access, or interrupt. A good remote monitoring service will integrate live real-time monitoring with powerful data analysis to identify and respond quickly to suspicious activity. Remote Video Monitoring transforms systems from reactive to proactive. 


At Peace of Mind Technologies, we specialize in integrating all these elements to customize a security system perfectly suited to your facility and your budget, using the most advanced technologies available whenever possible. We can also take over managed monitoring of your existing security system to improve reliability, identify and fix vulnerabilities, and give you greater peace of mind overall. To learn more, contact us here.