The POMAdvantage Service Plan: How It Can Save you Money in the Long Run

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Let’s face facts: If the security system you have set up for your business or facility is not operating at optimum capacity 24/7, it’s not truly secure. If something malfunctions or breaks, not only does it put your assets at risk, it can also be expensive to repair or replace. The best way to ensure your security system stays both functional and cost-effective is with a service plan that includes monitoring, maintenance, and repairs. That’s where the POMAdvantage Service plan comes in. Let’s discuss POMAdvantage and how it can save you money in the long term.


What Is POMAdvantage?


The POMAdvantage Service Plan is a comprehensive service plan that offers 24/7 service and support for your company’s security systems. Unlike many service plans which simply offer occasional preventative maintenance or cover partial cost of repairs, POMAdvantage goes the extra mile by providing iron-clad coverage of your entire system, top to bottom, for greater peace of mind. While POMAdvantage is highly recommended for systems we install, it also works with your existing security system, if you’re happy with it. We can simply take over your existing service contract, work with your current technology, and if you so desire, enhance it with some of our own to make it even more secure.


Benefits of POMAdvantage


POMAdvantage is the most robust service plan of its kind in the industry because it aims to reduce and eliminate downtime, not just address it. POMAdvantage members enjoy the following benefits:


  • Access to professional technical and sales support from our professionals 24/7
  • Unlimited on-site service visits as needed
  • Priority response and expedited service
  • Preventative maintenance checks once every two years to ensure system health
  • No charge to repair or replace equipment that we install
  • Loaner equipment while repairs are in progress
  • Discounted product and system upgrades
  • Ongoing training to help you maximize the benefits of your security


How Can POMAdvantage Save You Money?


The POMAdvantage Service Plan is designed not only to keep your security system at optimal performance, but also to save you money at the same time. In fact, 90 percent of our clients choose POMAdvantage simply because of the long-term cost savings on their initial investment. Here are just some of the ways our service contract can minimize your long-term costs:


No surprise charges on service and repairs. As with all other things, equipment failure is not a matter of if, but when–and it never happens at a convenient time! Without a good contract in place, service calls and the cost of replacing failed equipment can put a huge dent in your profits. POMAdvantage takes the guesswork out of costly repairs and replacement expenses because they’re covered by the plan. The cost savings over time is much greater by paying a little each month for POMAdvantage than having to replace equipment at full price.


Little or no downtime. Because loaner equipment is included in your service contract, you’ll never have to experience a lapse in security due to repairs–meaning less exposure and vulnerability for your company, and reduced risk of loss.


Solve small problems before they become big ones. Small fixes are always cheaper and less disruptive than large fixes. Proactive maintenance checks help us catch and fix minor issues before they have a chance to escalate–saving you time, money, and stress down the road.


Save money on upgrades. New technologies can make security systems safer than ever–but that technology usually comes with a steep price tag. With POMAdvantage, you enjoy significant discounts on system upgrades, so you can keep your security systems up-to-date without breaking the bank.

Bottom Line: With the POMAdvantage Service Plan, you get more features and benefits than any other service plan on the market, all designed for optimal system performance, peace of mind, and long-term cost savings. Contact us now to learn more.