The Power of Surveillance Analytics

The benefits of the latest security tech

Recent events have caused many people to shift from a “this could happen” attitude to a “we need to prepare for this” mindset.

Many organizations still aren’t being proactive enough, however. Adequate surveillance is one essential solution that can vastly improve security – but is often overlooked or under-resourced. And, taking it one step further, analytics software can vastly increase the efficiency and benefits of surveillance.


What is surveillance analytics?

Most types of security cameras are fine for monitoring and/or recording what takes place at a business, but they don’t proactively analyze exactly what they’re capturing – and direct the attention of humans to areas of concern.

Surveillance that use analytics software, however, is much smarter. It closely scrutinizes the thousands of pixels of that the cameras pick up for instant analysis.


The advantages of surveillance analytics


Better threat detection

Motion sensors can be very effective, but if what they sense is unclear, how effective are they? What should the response be? With analytics software, once motion is detected, shapes and forms are recognized. Potential threats can then be identified and distinguished from a false alarm. This is an excellent way to prevent theft, vandalism, and loitering.


Digital tripwires

Surveillance analytics are particularly important for businesses that have late-night hours or areas with restricted access. The software utilizes digital tripwires drawn onto a computer screen. If a person goes where they’re not supposed to, the security team will get a notification. This could also involve an alarm, spotlight, or speakers warning the person to leave the area.


Improved security management

Overall security management can be enhanced with surveillance analytics. The software has the ability to watch out for suspicious behavior, including a car entering a parking lot late at night or driving into a restricted area. A box or bag left unattended can also be picked up. For businesses that can get crowded, the software can keep track of how many people enter or exit during a specified time period. In addition, the software can automatically lock doors, if needed.


Business that can benefit from surveillance analytics



With so many people moving around a school at any time, surveillance analytics will keep a close eye on everyone and everything. It is especially helpful for after-school events like sports games, when administrators want to prevent individuals from accessing certain areas of campus.



Hotels also see a lot of foot traffic, and it’s important to keep tabs on lobbies, pools, and other communal areas. With a loitering analytic, a non-aggressive warning can be issued to someone in a restricted area.


Construction sites

Theft of construction equipment, tools, and materials is a big problem. Security analytics software can help safeguard all valuable items. When coupled with remote monitoring, an added benefit is cost cutting, as onsite security guards won’t always be needed during overnight shifts.



One of the most difficult types of building to secure is one with a lot of square footage. Analytics software can improve efficiency for corporate offices, as the attention of potentially hundreds of security cameras will be streamlined by algorithms. The software will alert guards to the specific areas that need attention.


These days, there’s really no such thing as too secure when it comes to your organization. If you are looking for a better way to keep your building and its inhabitants safe, contact Peace of Mind Technologies. Through our surveillance analytics solutions and remote managed services, you can be confident that your security is in expert hands. Contact us to learn more about what we can offer your business.