What to Know about Biometric Access Control

What to Know about Biometric Access Control

Implementing an electronic access control system is one of the best ways to upgrade the security of a large property. The ability to manage building occupancy and reduce security risks by replacing keys with activated credentials has revolutionized commercial security for the better. But is there anything for facilities that want an even more advanced solution than the card credential method of access control? There is: biometric access control. 

What is Biometric Access Control?

A biometric access control solution uses infrared or near-infrared (NIR) technology to verify the identity of people upon entry into a building or other defined area. Whether an organization employs this technology for facial recognition, fingerprint matching, or retina scanning, a quality biometric access control system can confirm identities quickly and accurately, even in low light levels and darkness. In addition, it can track multiple faces simultaneously to ensure all people are authenticated before entering a protected area.

The Power of Going Frictionless

If desired, biometric access control can be frictionless, meaning it does not require the user to touch the point of access. This facilitates faster identification so that employees, guests and other building occupants can be processed quickly and enter securely. Frictionless technology becomes very important in high traffic buildings. Powered by heatmaps and having thousands of biometric templates between numerous readers, a high quality frictionless access control system can process users into the tens of thousands. The technology is safe for users, invisible to the eye, and accurate to a fault.

Applications for Biometric Access Control

Biometric access control is widely used among industries ranging from aviation, to financial services, to manufacturing, to healthcare, and each application has different needs the technology can fill. For example, aviation enterprises rely on biometrics to verify identities of people entering tarmacs, air traffic control towers, aircraft cockpits and restricted areas of airports.

Meanwhile, there are additional corporate applications for biometric access control. New York financial institutions need solutions for verifying the identities of people who attempt to access data centers. Likewise, corporations can use it to manage access to intermediate distribution frames (IDFs) and research and development areas. The technology can be an important part of a single sign-on process for these entities, furthering their security fortification objectives.

As for healthcare, highly vulnerable assets from controlled medications to confidential medical records can be safeguarded with biometrics. Furthermore, biometric technology can also be used in time management an payroll applications for nearly any industry.

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