Which Types of Businesses Need the Most Security?

Every organization needs peace of mind – but some have unique challenges

The world we live in has become increasingly dangerous. High-profile security breaches and acts of violence have created an urgent emphasis on the risk of harm from unscrupulous individuals. From emergencies in our schools and entertainment venues to tragedies within our cities, the need for effective security has never been so critical. And while all businesses need to be vigilant about this issue, there are some industries that face greater challenges in keeping their property, staff, and guests safe.

Educational institutions

In the wake of the heartbreaking tragedies that have occurred in schools across the United States over the last few years, there’s a mandate for educational institutions to ensure the safety of students, teachers, and staff. Parents are demanding action and assurance, and schools need to be proactive by taking the right steps with advanced security and safety procedures. Some of these options include:

  • Effective visitor management and mass notification systems
  • A campus-wide security system with access control between buildings
  • A network of digital cameras that stream to a central location
  • Seamless functionality between technologies and increasing site management capabilities
  • Secured entrances that include a secured visitor vestibule equipped with ID access card confirmation and a camera

Whether it’s a private or charter school, or a college or university; a site-specific security system needs to be in place to ensure that every student, staff member, and building on campus is as secure as possible, and that access is closely monitored and managed.

Corporate headquarters

Businesses today are faced with the reality that a disgruntled employee may return to do harm to its people or premises. Add to that the risk of data theft, corporate espionage, perimeter issues, and breaches by unauthorized visitors, and many owners find themselves devoting core business resources to address security concerns. The challenge becomes even greater for businesses with a medium-to-large workforce and an expansive headquarters or corporate campuses that span several acres. Some essential security measures include:

  • Integrated access control systems
  • Turnstiles and credentials that rely on ID card management or biometric systems
  • Video analytics software solutions that augment security manpower

Multi-unit residential apartments

Luxury residential buildings and multi-family properties face unique vulnerabilities because of the fact that there are many people coming and going at all times. The more upscale the property is, the more attractive it becomes to thieves, elevating its risk of becoming a target for criminal activity. For property managers and building owners, there are few issues that are more important that ensuring that entrance points, elevators, parking lots, and common areas are secure.

Enhancing security systems with technology is an effective way to provide a safe environment for residents and onsite workers:

  • Access control systems, combined with intercoms, digital video servers, and access control can monitor and regulate the flow of non-residents into a building
  • Remote package management solutions handle vendor or package deliveries to buildings by granting access to a secured “package room” that is monitored by remote personnel
  • “Monitoring on motion” solutions: detectors that pick up an unusual amount of motion within an area automatically alert monitoring personnel, directing their attention to a video feed

Performance venues

With their multiple entrances, expansive spaces, and a massive amount of foot traffic, performance venues have always had a formidable challenge when it comes to securing their premises. And in light of the active shooter events that have occurred over the past few years, the task is more of a priority than ever before. Assuring the safety of audiences calls for a new and more rigorous approach, one that surpasses the traditional traffic-flow control measures, metal detectors, pat downs, and physical security. Solutions include:

  • Video, intercom, and visitor management are essential anytime a space is being accessed by a multitude of people with varying levels of clearance
  • Electronic ticketing solutions enable event staff to provide efficient traffic flows into a venue with electronic QR codes and digital-ticketing technologies
  • ID management solutions limit liability for an event space and make sure the right guests are going to the right places at all times. They restrict or grant access based on clearance levels using photo ID badges for event staff, visiting performers, and road crews and support staff

Healthcare facilities

Healthcare facilities and hospitals are often the target of violent crimes, theft, and other alarming incidents. Private facilities and multi-property organizations are responsible for protecting patients and the medical professionals that serve them. Between the threat of physical harm from patients and visitors against caregivers and the risk of medication and equipment theft, administrators need to be proactive about safeguarding people and property.

And because of the enormous amount of activity that goes on 24-hours a day and the physical expanse of the facility itself, the requirements for security systems are multifaceted. There are several technological solutions that can augment traditional measures:

  • Security cameras and video analytics help keep patients and staff safe with intelligent video software that analyzes and identifies pre-defined threats, and searches present and past video recordings for concerns
  • Access control systems can use ID badges or biometric security
  • Managed services, including remote video monitoring of key areas with motion detection

Today, organizations face surmounting security issues that call for integrated solutions. In order to ensure optimal efficiency, there should be a comprehensive, site-specific, and functional approach as well as a partnership with a trusted provider who will help maintain the strength and viability of your system in the long term.

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