Why Security System Service Contracts Offer Better Protection For Your Business

A service plan can be the difference between continuous protection – and lengthy downtime that leaves your company exposed

When something goes wrong with the security system you count on to protect you and your business, it can’t be fixed fast enough.

A long-term service contract on your system can be the difference between fast, reliable repairs covered by your plan – and a frustrating, drawn-out experience that leaves your business vulnerable, plus an unpredictable repair bill.

A full-service contract is an agreement that protects your business by ensuring proper function and installation of your security system. It is paid on a regular basis and typically guarantees that no matter what part of the system goes down, it will be quickly fixed, often with 100 percent of the parts and labor covered.

Service contracts are not synonymous with standard manufacturer’s warranties on security systems. While the manufacturer promises to replace a product that fails due to design or manufacturing defects during a given timeframe, it does not specify a speedy turnaround on the item, nor any installation. Replacement can take weeks as companies wait for shipments of replacement parts – and then find someone to install them.

Not all service contracts are created equal; it’s important to read the fine print and understand what will and will not be covered by any plan you consider. Some security companies only offer partial service agreements; for instance, ones that do not include loaner equipment, parts, or programming services.

Customers can also be unpleasantly surprised to discover that repairs are subcontracted out to generalized technicians because the security company does not maintain its own service department.

The 8 elements of a comprehensive service contract

The best service contracts bring you peace of mind by guaranteeing that the security system that protects your business is also protected around-the-clock. Here are eight reasons a comprehensive service plan is an investment worth making:

  • Save money. Not paying for a few per-incident repairs more than compensates for the cost of a service contract, which can promise unlimited service calls with labor and parts included. A service plan also gives your company the ability to forecast the amount spent on security service every year, instead of suffering a budget hit when unexpected repair costs arise for pricey equipment.
  • Save time. Equipment almost certainly fails at the moment that’s most inconvenient and costly for your business. Service plans can help you avoid interruptions that leave your company exposed until a field technician shows up, diagnoses the problem, and makes the repair.Most service plans also guarantee that your calls are given priority over non-contracted customers, and specify a quick turnaround that prevents vulnerable service gaps.
  • Preventative maintenance. Service contracts ensure that your equipment is kept at peak performance by providing regular maintenance appointments, reducing the possibility of unexpected downtime for repairs.
  • Trusted service provider. There are many field service providers in the market – and not all of them are qualified to work on your security system or equipment. Service contracts from reliable security companies guarantee that repairs will be made by a qualified and certified professional in security systems, instead of outsourced to technicians with generalized knowledge.
  • Loaner equipment. A quality service plan will provide loaner equipment that keeps your system up and running while parts are repaired or replaced, ensuring that there are no gaps that leave your business unprotected.
  • Managed services. Some security companies offer plans that allow customers to strengthen their security measures through an array of remotely-managed offerings, such as remote video monitoring, hosted access control, and remote visitor management.
  • Deep discounts on upgrades. Technology is constantly evolving, and security systems are designed to be upgraded as a company’s needs change. Many service contracts offer customers deep discounts on equipment and labor that make upgrades financially attractive and let them benefit from the latest technologies.
  • System training. The best service plans include training programs that teach companies how to fully take advantage of the value their security system offers.

A service plan can be the difference between continuous protection – and lengthy downtime that leaves your company exposed

Whether you’re managing the safety of people at a venue or protecting the valuables and people in your business, a security system must always stay operational. A study from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte found that 60 percent of admitted or convicted thieves said they would find an alternative target if a monitored business security system – or visible security measures like surveillance cameras – were in place.

How We Can Help

The POMAdvantage Plan by Peace Of Mind Technologies is a multifaceted solution to your security needs that goes beyond traditional service plans. From unlimited on-site service visits and phone support, to no-charge repair and replacement of POM Technologies-installed equipment, this best-in-class service gives customers peace of mind that their business is continuously protected.

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