Why You Need a Commercial Security Service Plan

Why You Need a Commercial Security Service Plan

By investing in a security service plan, your business can benefit from reliable technology, high-quality technical support and continuous video surveillance monitoring. Having a remote security operation saves your company time and money and provides managers with the assurance that their property is safe. This guide covers why you need a security system service plan and discusses options to get started with your business.

Benefits of Security System Service Plans

Commercial security services allow managers to focus on their business instead of worrying about protecting their property. Consider some of the advantages of investing in our services for your business:

1. Working With Security Experts

Installing video surveillance cameras can prevent theft and protect your company against unlawful claims and liabilities. Our dedicated experts monitor the cameras day and night, providing an additional layer of support and reliability. As professionals in the security industry, we have the knowledge and experience to create solutions that meet your business’s security needs.

Commercial security services offer the accountability of certified technicians who can keep a building safe from unwanted guests and unexpected events. We understand the security needed for your specific business, and we are qualified to take the proper precautions to handle various unique situations, such as equipment failure and technology integration. Along with staff and equipment, our security system service plans also include enhanced system training to help you understand your products’ security technology features.

2. Having Reliable Theft Protection Equipment

Even the sight of a video surveillance camera on a building deters intruders and employees from stealing cash, merchandise or equipment from businesses. Consider installing security monitoring devices over your property’s expensive products and critical entry points to effectively reduce burglary, theft, and loitering. A reliable video surveillance system should not fail, but we will respond promptly to repair your equipment if it does.

With a security system service plan, your business can benefit from quick technical support response times from our security representatives. If we detect a system failure, we immediately send a dispatch team to restore your surveillance equipment and technology. You also have priority status in case of emergencies, and we will respond to the issue within four hours.

3. Providing Coverage for Your Equipment

Our team installs high-quality security technology that integrates with your existing equipment. When you invest in our security system services, you can schedule maintenance appointments with us every six months to prevent system failures. At no cost to you, we will replace any damaged parts that we installed. We also provide loaner equipment while we service yours to help you maintain your protection over your property. Our services can save you time and money when you need to repair your valuable security hardware.

4. Promoting Safety and Productivity in the Workplace

As a business owner, part of your job is to address your employees’ well-being. When you install security cameras, you show your personnel that you value them enough to ensure their safety in the workplace. The protection they feel can help them be more productive and promote an overall positive environment.

With continuous security monitoring systems in place, your employees can appreciate the additional effort to keep them safe during the workday. When aware of the measures your company has taken to enhance their security, they may feel more motivated to stay with your company.

Benefits of continuous security monitoring services

Commercial Security Services We Offer

At Peace of Mind Technologies, we provide various security system service plans to protect your company’s property. Consider which of these programs may benefit your business.

1. The POMAdvantage Plan

Our POMAdvantage program gives you peace of mind that our in-house technicians will service your security equipment in a timely fashion. This service reduces your system downtime, risks at your site and unexpected repair costs. Think about the advantages of these features:

  • Upgrades of products and systems at a discounted rate
  • Unlimited service appointments with our technicians
  • Ongoing training sessions to inform you about your system
  • 24/7 technical support via phone and email
  • Loaner equipment during repairs
  • Preventative maintenance checks every two years to make sure your system functions properly
  • Free repair and replacement of equipment that we installed

2. Security Systems Integration Management

System technology integration involves combining old and new equipment to communicate with one another in your existing network and IT infrastructure. With our Security Systems Integrated Management plan, you can have control over your commercial business’s video surveillance and alarm systems. Designed to coordinate with your company’s Information Technology (IT) team, the plan includes:

  • Half-day training and design seminar for your IT team.
  • Showing your team how to support security best practices as they prepare your site for security technology and equipment upgrades.
  • Collaborating with your IT staff during installation to make sure the equipment properly integrates with your existing technology.

Our seamless technology and equipment integration prevents bandwidth issues and provides various network options and practices. With open communication and ongoing education available for your IT staff, you can optimize your return on investment (ROI) and keep your business safe.

3. Heartbeat Monitoring

To decrease security risks at your commercial site, consider investing in our Heartbeat Monitoring service plan. Security technology failure leaves your commercial building exposed to intruders and undetected threats. We provide an off-site support center that monitors your security equipment’s performance to keep your building safe. Our security system maintenance services ensure that your systems will operate efficiently at all times.

Here are the features of this security service plan:

  • Security professionals who continuously watch your system to prevent technology issues
  • Prompt technician dispatch as soon as a device fails to guard against security risks on your commercial property
  • Proactive device maintenance and remote software and firmware upgrades

4. Cloud-Based Managed Services

Invest in our cloud-based managed services for constant monitoring of your property, enhancing site security and supporting your team. As part of our services, we provide the following solutions for managing your security technology:

  • Remote video monitoring that features the detection of unusual activity and the monitoring of sightlines by off-site agents
  • Remote visitor management that permits and restricts access to your property based on facial recognition technology
  • Cloud-based storage that allows you to store and back up your footage

5. The POM+ Plan

If you would like to take advantage of all the security system service options above, consider the POM+ plan, which combines our services into one monthly subscription. The plan includes:

  • Easy monthly payments, like how you pay your utility bills.
  • The evaluation of your security requirements and custom design to integrate new technology with your existing equipment.
  • The seamless upgrade of technology as it becomes available.
  • Access control and remotely monitored cameras.
  • Quick notification of system failure so we can respond accordingly.
  • 24/7 monitoring of your business to provide you peace of mind.

Speak With a Security Specialist

At POM, we offer security technology and services to businesses in New York City, New York and New Jersey. For peace of mind around your business, consider investing in one of our security system service plans. Contact us online today to get started. Once you fill out a contact form, a security professional will respond promptly.

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