Why You Need a Security Integrator on Large Construction Projects

Do you need a security integrator on your construction project?

In many large construction projects, general contractors leave security options to their electrical contractors. However, this approach to security integration excludes all the benefits associated with hiring a dedicated security integrator. A security integrator’s expertise can help you improve your project quality and save money in the long term. Consider hiring security integration experts for your next enterprise-level project, and enjoy the following benefits of a security integration company.

Control Over Your Integrator Choice

With many electrical contractors having to subcontract security specialists for technical work, hiring a security integrator from the beginning will give you more control over your provider choice. Electrical contractors can perform basic security integration tasks, but they often have to delegate more complicated work to integration companies. When you hire an electrical contractor, they decide on the people who will oversee some of the most critical aspects of your security.

By hiring the security specialist yourself, you’ll know what level of quality and certification to expect. You’ll get the opportunity to choose a security integration company based on the budget and level of quality you have in mind. By working as your own point of contact with the integrator, you’ll manage your partnership with them instead of your electrical contractor.

Focus on Ongoing Service

Another benefit of security integrators in large construction projects involves your long-term experience. Electrical contractors excel at one-off security projects that don’t need ongoing service. However, with the increasing complexity of modern security systems, you’ll often need to consult your security provider throughout your project and beyond. When you need a fully integrated security system, your security integration company will become your go-to partner.

Full-Scope Security Integration

When you hire a dedicated security integrator for your construction project, you’ll have a contractor who understands how security fits into the full scope of your work. Security integration companies who work with construction professionals know how to review a project’s scope and find ways to implement their technology seamlessly. This big-picture approach can help you save money on change orders later on in construction.

You’ll get the best results from your security integration experts by hiring them as early in your project as possible. They can work with you and your partners throughout the design and build processes to save costs later in the project, use the best technology options and help your work stay on schedule.

Multidisciplinary Team of Security Experts

Security integration partners have teams of experts who specialize in various areas, enabling you to implement complex security systems. Today’s security solutions require coordination among professionals in electricity, programming and networking to ensure their successful operation. Your security integrator will manage and customize your services as needed to deliver ideal results.

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