Account for Students and Communicate in Real-Time

Ruvna is a school safety tool that enables fluid, staff-wide communication and 100% accountability of students to help you respond faster during emergencies and drills.

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During emergencies and drills, Ruvna replaces inefficient clipboard rosters and walkie-talkies with an intuitive platform schools can use for student accountability, mass notifications, faculty messaging, and more.


With Ruvna, teachers check in students while administrators follow along live. Teachers can also notify administrators when a student needs special attention. This gives schools a quick and accurate overview of exactly who is safe, who is missing, and who needs help, resulting in a rapid response when every second matters. 

During a school emergency, Ruvna enables seamless communication throughout your entire school.


Account for your entire student body during lockdowns, active shooters, bomb threats, and more

Get classroom-level data without opening a single door during a shelter-in-place event

Safely communicate vital information to faculty and administrators

Get notified about injured or ill students immediately and provide proper attention

Differentiate between missing students and absent students automatically

Analyze detailed reports after any event to identify procedure bottlenecks


Notify Staff Immediately


Locate and Account for Everyone


Provide Clear Direction

POM Technologies Has Been Securing Schools In NY & NJ For Years.

Peace Of Mind Technologies is a security firm that develops custom security solutions designed to meet the unique needs of educational institutions throughout New York and New Jersey. We have the tools and expertise to design, install, and monitor your school's security systems while providing the ongoing support you need to achieve your security goals.

"They take safety to the Nth degree"

"The safety of our students is everything; I need to eliminate vulnerability. All potential risk factors must be anticipated and countered. This is what POM does when they design a security system for you. They take safety to the Nth degree." 

Anthony Wartel
Director of Facilities
Marymount School Of New York

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    Video Surveillance

    Record activity on your campus when it happens, and use it as critical evidence when necessary.

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    Access Control

    Control who can access which areas of the building and when with pre-defined privileges that are assigned for each person.

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    Integrated Security

    Combine old and new security technologies so the systems communicate seamlessly, as well as integrating all security technology with your existing network and IT infrastructure. 

  • Remote Management

    Through off-hours video verification and offsite video hosting, our selection of managed building security services gives you total security and safety assurance. 

School Front-Door Security Solutions

Trouble often walks right through the front door. If you secure your entrance, you secure your school.

Peace Of Mind Technologies supplies turnkey security solutions from concept to completion. We fully integrate digital video servers, access control and visitor management software to optimize the security of your front entrance.

For example, when a visitor enters a secured vestibule, he or she waits for ID access card confirmation while a camera records a video of the interaction.

This security procedure ensures unauthorized intruders never gain access to the school, but it also creates a mantrap to hold any potential intruders until law enforcement arrives.


Attendance Management Solutions

Optimize site operations with our attendance management solution, which combines access control and immediate and customizable attendance reports for staff and students.

Say goodbye to manual data entry for timesheets. Find out who is in the building at any time of the day. Attendance reports may be customized by class name, student name, arrival time and other factors.

In times of emergencies, our attendance management solution provides a “who’s in?” report to quickly account for every person in the building.

"Over the course of our 12-year relationship, POM has done a superb job keeping my school, as they say, ‘connected and protected’ with the latest in surveillance and access control technology. From the sales reps to the installers to the service technicians, I can’t recommend more highly the team at POM Technologies."

Mark Gordon
Plant Director, Collegiate School

Take advantage of a full-service private school or college security solution from Peace Of Mind Technologies. Speak with a Security Specialist today.