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Your goal is to provide protection to hotel guests without interrupting day-to-day operations and activities. You need a system that enables your staff to respond to security risks and recover from a variety of threats. For a proactive approach to hotel and hospitality security, seek a tailored solution with advanced detection and prevention capabilities through integrated security technologies.

Peace Of Mind Technologies specializes in scoping the security needs of hotels throughout New York and New Jersey. Through a situational approach, our security professionals use hotel size and building architecture to develop a security strategy for your needs.

Integrated Systems For Advanced Hotel Security

Building design plays a prominent role in assessing a hotel’s security needs. Sites of varying sizes all require different security technology layouts with different levels of functionality and sophistication.

The integrated security solutions from Peace Of Mind Technologies enable you to deliver first-class services to guests without any interruption in operations. Our security technology helps hotels within the hospitality industry cut costs and increase customer loyalty through comprehensive, efficient and effective solutions

Featured Hotel Security System Integrations

Security Cameras & Video Analytics: Keep guests safe and hotel premises secure with security cameras and intelligent video. Detect pre-defined threats and search present and past video recordings for security concerns. For example, search for all red bags on hotel premises by typing “red bag” into the system and obtaining all relevant video matches. Support hotel lobby security and increase visibility through an integrated system that facilitates smooth check-ins and checkouts.

With digital video recordings, obtain the visual evidence you need to prevent or refute theft and protect yourself from legal claims concerning onsite physical accidents, like poolside slips or falls. Limit your liability and protect your reputation as a leader in hospitality.

Access Control & ID Badges: Maintaining an open-door policy is important for making guests feel comfortable. Combine access control and photo ID badges to defend against unauthorized intruders and ensure the right people get where they’re going – server rooms, administrative offices, maintenance closets, ballrooms – as long as they’re entitled to go there.

Managed Services: Back up your hotel security measures with video monitoring through a remote security management team. Whether you want to reduce your onsite security force or strengthen after-hours support, managed services ensure the security of your facility never fails.

As the heart of hotel operations, a security system is either a detriment to or an advancement of your reputation. Don’t let crime prevent you from providing outstanding service and keeping guests happy.

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