Residential Security Systems For Multi-Unit & Luxury Apartments in New York, New Jersey and Beyond

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You need full visibility into building activity for total assurance that your property and your occupants are protected at all times. Take a proactive – not reactive – approach to your apartment building’s security and opt into an investment that returns in dividends.

The residential security solutions from Peace Of Mind Technologies – appropriate for mid-rise, high-rise, multi-unit and luxury apartment buildings – protect occupants and enhance amenities by managing access and building operations.

Integrated Systems For Advanced Residential Security

Intercom systems and visitor management go hand-in-hand in the realm of residential security. Every apartment and high traffic area is equipped with the industry’s best intercom systems and technologies to enhance site-wide communications and streamline building management.

In the case of managed services, you no longer have to pay a night doorman to control building access. Access control systems, combined with intercoms, may be used to communicate, confirm access, open doors remotely and view a visitor’s behavior as he makes his way through the building.

Featured Residential Security System Integrations

Remote Visitor Management: Our integrated approach to remote visitor management for residential security combines intercom, digital video servers and access control to monitor and regulate the flow of non-residents into your building. Whenever visitors enter the vestibule, they are prompted to push a call button, which connects them to an operator at our command center, viewing the vestibule in real-time. Our operator collects the visitor’s and resident’s name. The resident is contacted on apartment or mobile phone, and upon authorization, the operator remotely opens the door and logs the activity.

Remote Package Management: Buildings will be outfitted with package rooms. All deliveries to the building are managed remotely using the same intercom, digital video servers and access control systems in the remote visitor management package. Delivery persons are asked to present identification and granted restricted access to the lobby or common area. The operator opens the package room and monitors the delivery and person’s activity while he or she is in the building. After the delivery person exits the building, the operator alerts the resident that they have a package to pick up via email or voicemail and logs the activity.

Monitoring On Motion Solutions: Voice-down technology is tremendously effective for addressing issues directly and actively in real-time. When there is motion in a sector of your residential building that exceeds a pre-determined time limit, a member of our security team is alerted through real-time video. Our remote team is able to intervene to deter crime or assist people in need of medical or police intervention. All directions and interactions are based on the client’s defined standard operating procedures. Audio and video are recorded and event reports are available immediately.

Success Stories: Multi-Unit Residential Security Challenges & Solutions

The Challenge: Provide an integrated solution to improve the security and enhance the amenities of a luxury condominium and eliminate the need for a costly doorman.

The Solution: Peace Of Mind Technologies successfully installed a remote package management system, which included a camera, bi-directional intercom, magnetic locks and a lobby package closet. When combined, this system allows deliveries to be remotely and securely controlled when residents are away. Each condominium was equipped with the latest audio-video intercom to communicate with visitors and grant them access to the building. To further enhance security, elevator access controls were incorporated to ensure that residents and their guests have access to only their particular floor. Video systems ensure that lobby, elevator and exterior activity is recorded and stored remotely. Finally, we successfully installed a home automation system that allows for the control of lighting and media throughout each apartment. From concept to completion, this luxury building was outfitted with the latest technology.

The Challenge: Enable management to reduce crime in an affordable housing building by controlling the flow of non-residents, surveying the exterior and common areas of the building and setting up a quick response system for criminal acts and emergencies.

The Solution: We successfully secured the entrance of the building with an integrated system including cameras, two-way speakers and magnetic locks to monitor and control access of non-residents. LCD monitors were installed in each of the 115 apartments to allow residents to verify the identity of visitors. The building was also equipped with an access control system that incorporates “lockout” programming at the main entry, restricting access based on a pre-defined schedule. The exterior of the building, as well as common areas, were secured with video monitoring systems. The presence of the systems, as well as interactive monitoring, have proven to be both a deterrent as well as a forensic tool.

The Challenge: The owner of a coveted, rent-stabilized building suspected tenets of subletting the units and potentially breaching provisions contained in their rental agreements. The ultimate objective was to upgrade the building’s current, outdated CCTV system, store video remotely and provide reports that would identify illegal subletting.

The Solution: We successfully added video encoders to pre-existing analog cameras on each floor, allowing management to observe activity at each apartment door. Video encoders were installed on the existing DVRs to enable images to be stored remotely. This ensured that potential video evidence would not be compromised in the event that the existing local digital recorders malfunctioned or were tampered with. Images are stored off-site for 18 months and activity reports are compiled and reviewed monthly for potential infractions. This process allows the owner to support an eviction case and dramatically reduces unlawful activity.

Promote building safety and protect tenants by installing a security system based on your building architecture and unique security needs. Partner with Peace Of Mind Technologies to protect your assets and advance your reputation.

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