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School security is a serious matter for facilities directors and managers. They are responsible for providing students, parents, teachers and staff with a secure environment in which to work, learn and live. A site-specific security system is the only way to optimize campus security and safety.

Peace Of Mind Technologies is a school security firm that develops custom security systems designed to meet the unique needs of educational institutions throughout New York and New Jersey. Our solutions enhance safety and security through visitor management and improve internal communications through mass notification systems that are integrated into the school’s emergency plan.

Integrated Systems For Advanced School Security

When dealing with separate buildings on a campus, these buildings – sometimes built hundreds of years apart – each require their own security technology layout. You need the ability to manage access control between buildings and stream digital cameras to a central location. Your chosen school security system must span the entire campus while providing seamless functionality between technologies and increasing site management capabilities.

Featured School Security System Integrations

School Front-Door Security Solution: Trouble often walks right through the front door. If you secure your entrance, you secure your school.

Peace Of Mind Technologies supplies turnkey security solutions from concept to completion. We fully integrate digital video servers, access control and visitor management software to optimize the security of your front entrance.

For example, when a visitor enters a secured vestibule, he or she waits for ID access card confirmation while a camera records a video of the interaction.

This security procedure ensures unauthorized intruders never gain access to the school, but it also creates a mantrap to hold any potential intruders until law enforcement arrives.

Attendance Management Solution: Optimize site operations with our attendance management solution, which combines access control and immediate and customizable attendance reports for staff and students.

Say goodbye to manual data entry for timesheets. Find out who is in the building at any time of the day. Attendance reports may be customized by class name, student name, arrival time and other factors.

In times of emergencies, our attendance management solution provides a “who’s in?” report to quickly account for every person in the building.

Success Stories: School Security Challenges & Solutions

The Challenge: A prestigious NYC private school was undergoing significant construction. As they renovated a townhouse to attach to the main building, they needed extra security.

The Solution: Rather than hire costly 24-hour guards, Peace Of Mind Technologies provided a comprehensive virtual guard service. We installed security cameras, motion detectors and speakers throughout the construction site. If a motion detector alarm was tripped, a video verification procedure allowed remote monitoring agents to quickly respond – by using the speaker to call down, contact the police or both.

The Challenge: A school spanned 15 city blocks. Two buildings were equipped with access control systems and a third had no existing access control system. The school wanted to integrate and update the surveillance technology at all sites while reorganizing old data and making current ID badge cards compatible with the new access system.

The Solution: Peace Of Mind Technologies created a unified security system (access, surveillance and alarm) that connected all three campus buildings and is tailored to each building’s unique aspects and uses. The old database was painstakingly cleaned, updated and transitioned to the new access system without a break in service. Students and faculty were able to continue using their old access cards as the new system was implemented, and customized reports were created that allowed the tracking of attendance and access activity at each building and across all three campuses.

Take advantage of a full-service private school or college security solution from Peace Of Mind Technologies and give your students and staff an ultimate sense of security. Speak with a Security Specialist today.

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