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When you operate a commercial building, you have to make security a priority. With people entering and leaving the premises at all hours, you want to ensure your property is protected and your employees and customers are safe. CCTV cameras provide regular insight into your daily operations and help you see suspicious activity.

At Peace of Mind Technologies, the CCTV cameras we provide make an exceptional addition to any businesses in NYC, New York and New Jersey.

Top-of-the-Line CCTV Security Cameras

CCTV security cameras are an excellent way to see what's happening on your property at all times. Monitor employee arrivals and deliveries while keeping a watchful eye on potential intruders. CCTV cameras offer pan-tilt-zoom controls to give you comprehensive visuals of any area on your property. Plus, our camera designs integrate into your environment to avoid disrupting the appearance of your building.

Advantages of CCTV

With building security cameras, your commercial building will have protection around the clock. The mere presence of a camera will deter most intruders from attempting a break-in, making these devices fantastic investments for your property. Beyond prevention, this technology offers other benefits as well. Advantages include:

  • Evidence: Should your property ever suffer theft or vandalism, our CCTV cameras will save the footage for you to present to law enforcement.
  • Variety: Our CCTV cameras come in a variety of models, including dome, day/night, infrared, high-resolution color, weather-resistant and more. Talk to our security specialists to find the right model for your needs.
  • Record keeping: CCTV is an excellent way to ensure your daily operations are running smoothly. Confirm product deliveries and shift changes on a regular basis.
  • Optical quality: Experience high-resolution visuals with all of our CCTV cameras so you can quickly identify potential threats on your property.
  • Integration abilities: These devices work well in conjunction with our other security systems to enhance coverage and safety measures. Use CCTV cameras with alarm systems and access control to improve your peace of mind.

Services for Building Security Cameras

To keep your CCTV security camera in working order, POM provides comprehensive service and support. When you work with us, we'll deliver a thorough installation of security cameras around your property to give you the best angles of every entrance. We also offer managed services and heartbeat monitoring to deliver an extra layer of protection.

We can perform systems integration management for IT teams looking to introduce our new technology to an older setup. This service focuses on creating seamless communication between old and new devices.

With our POMAdvantage plan, you receive comprehensive coverage for your devices. We'll provide biannual preventive maintenance, annual training and no-charge CCTV repair for your NYC business. Get the most from your security systems with our dependable support.

Contact POM for CCTV Installation in NYC

With 18 years of experience in the industry and membership in the Metropolitan Executive Alliance, POM has the resources to handle your building's security needs. The innovative, first-to-market solutions we offer are designed to cater to any commercial property. CCTV cameras are one of many ways we help you prepare for potential intruders. To learn more about our capabilities, contact one of our security specialists today.

Explore Our Service Plans

The POMAdvantage Service Plan

What you get with POMAdvantage:

  • Unlimited on-site service visits from our technicians
  • 24/7 phone and email support from our professionals
  • Bi-annual preventative maintenance checks to ensure system health
  • Priority Response
  • No charge repair / replacement of POM Technologies-installed equipment
  • Loaner equipment while equipment repairs take place
  • Ongoing trainings to help you get the most value from your system
  • Discounted product and system upgrades

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