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The coronavirus pandemic has created a number of difficult challenges for businesses. To reopen safely and prevent the spread of the disease, your organization needs to closely monitor both employee and guest behavior. Whether you need to enforce social distancing or perform face mask monitoring, such a high level of surveillance can quickly overwhelm site management personnel. Surveillance analytics solutions can ease some of the workload and help you apply site wellness standards.

header iconUsing Data Analytics to Solve COVID-19 Challenges

In response to the coronavirus, many local governments and businesses have implemented policies designed to minimize infection risk in public places. To protect your guests and employees, you need to ensure they wear masks or face coverings and keep six feet of distance in between each other. On a larger scale, you need to monitor overall site capacity to comply with local limits. Tracking all this information manually takes time and personnel you can't afford to spare.

Using surveillance cameras and devices installed at access points, a data analytics solution tracks important metrics for you, without constant interaction from staff members. This allows you to balance safety with site productivity.

Our Surveillance Analytics Solutions

At Peace of Mind Technologies, we offer a range of analytics products to help organizations across New York and New Jersey take control of their facilities while maintaining high productivity. When installed at entry points and in areas of interest, video intelligence solutions allow you to ensure compliance with site wellness standards. In addition to cameras, we can integrate face recognition and check-in technology with hand sanitizer stations for additional data collection. Our solutions store data securely and alert you when you need to take action.

You can use our surveillance analytics technology to:

  • Monitor social distancing
  • Check for the presence of a mask or face covering
  • Count traffic entering and exiting your building
  • Detect attempts to access restricted areas without authorization
  • Catch theft and other breaches of security

The Benefits of Coronavirus Data Analytics

Monitoring your facility using coronavirus data analytics offers benefits including:

  • Increased safety: When you understand trends in your facility's safety and security breaches, you can take action to correct them through design or policy.
  • Lower security costs: Analytics allow you to increase on-site monitoring without hiring additional security personnel.
  • Accurate reporting: You can use data gleaned through analytics to demonstrate compliance with local regulations. With an analytics solution, you will always know exactly how many people are in your facility at a given time.

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Our technicians provide service beyond installation. With our POMAdvantage service plan, you gain access to unlimited on-site service visits, no-cost repairs, ongoing training and 24/7 phone and email support. We have more than 18 years of experience providing commercial security solutions, so you can count on us to keep your video and access intelligence systems running properly.

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Our high-quality analytics solutions will provide a return on investment during and after the current health crisis. We benchmark test all our products before recommending them. To get started with surveillance analytics, reach out to us for more information.

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What you get with POMAdvantage:

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