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Commercial properties experience employees, guests and a variety of other people throughout the day. An essential part of building security is distinguishing intruders from people expected to be on the premises. With surveillance systems, you can get a clear view of the people entering your building and determine when you need to contact authorities.

At Peace of Mind Technologies, we provide NYC surveillance systems to protect your commercial building.

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Video surveillance is one of the easiest and most effective ways to identify threats to your property. With live footage from multiple angles, you have clear insight into the activity in and around your building. Note suspicious activity on the premises and know right away when an intruder attempts to make entry. You can also save footage and access data remotely from your mobile device for future reference.

Building Surveillance Benefits

With the clarity and live coverage of video surveillance, it's a smart investment. Security devices like surveillance systems provide constant visibility and safety assurance, and they act as a deterrent for intruders. Other advantages of these systems include:

  • Environmental options: Our video surveillance systems have different performance features depending on the environment. Whether you need visibility in darkness or inclement weather, our systems can handle the job.
  • Optical quality: The high-quality surveillance systems we offer feature crisp, clear visuals so you can identify anyone on your premises.
  • Evidence: Save video footage on your computer or mobile device and use it as evidence for the authorities.
  • Internal crime: While alarm systems trigger when they detect an intruder, video surveillance can also help you identify internal crime, like theft by employees.
  • Integration opportunities: Video surveillance systems operate well with access control and remote management to give you even more coverage for your property.

Services for Business Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems are an excellent investment for any business, and they need regular maintenance and support to function well. POM offers a range of services and support for all of our security products. If you invest in a video surveillance system, we'll carefully install your cameras in the best locations on your property. We also provide managed services and heartbeat monitoring to add another layer of security to your devices.

If you want to introduce our new technologies to your current arrangement, we recommend our system integration management. We'll create a cohesive security setup for seamless communication between devices.

The POMAdvantage Plan compiles our services into a comprehensive package. Receive unlimited on-site assistance from our technicians and preventive maintenance for your devices. With this service, your surveillance system will always operate efficiently, and you can minimize downtime by eliminating the need to wait around for repairs.

Contact POM for Building Surveillance

As a leader in NYC security integrations, POM has the skills and resources to update your commercial building's security practices. With 18 years of experience, a broad customer base and membership in the Metropolitan Executive Alliance, we've proven our ability to handle any security job. If you're interested in learning more about our video surveillance systems, get in touch with us today to speak with a security specialist.

Explore Our Service Plans

The POMAdvantage Service Plan

What you get with POMAdvantage:

  • Unlimited on-site service visits from our technicians
  • 24/7 phone and email support from our professionals
  • Bi-annual preventative maintenance checks to ensure system health
  • Priority Response
  • No charge repair / replacement of POM Technologies-installed equipment
  • Loaner equipment while equipment repairs take place
  • Ongoing trainings to help you get the most value from your system
  • Discounted product and system upgrades

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