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Ensure your building is protected and your people are safe

Increase Building Security & Back Up Your Security Team

With Remote Security Managed Services

Need another set of eyes to improve building security? How about assistance during high-traffic times or supplemental video monitoring for an off-duty security guard?

Through off-hours video verification and offsite video hosting, our selection of managed building security services gives you total security and safety assurance. You are always connected and protected with remote visitor monitoring, remote video monitoring, offsite video storage and managed access control. Managed services – including virtual guard tours, video alarm verification and visitor management – minimize costs through less onsite manpower and maximize security with remote security management.

Some of our hosted security solutions include:

  • Remote Video Monitoring: Multiply your security team with digital video monitoring managed by our remote security force. Our intelligent video monitoring counts traffic entering and exiting your building. We watch your site to make sure all sight lines are clear and all activity is authorized based on your security plan.
  • Remote Visitor Management: Manage building access remotely with 24/7 access control. Our offsite security force opens doors and monitors entrant activity remotely. Our team authenticates visitor credentials based on predetermined lists and allows visitors to access only certain areas. You also have the ability to restrict access remotely based on unauthorized entrants, such as former tenants or disgruntled employees. A digital photo system creates images for employee and visitor badges while logging the information in the database.
  • Cloud-Based Storage: Our data-hosting solutions offer significant upfront savings and greater storage capabilities. Cloud-based technology enhances storage and data backup abilities.

Reduce security guard costs by outsourcing building security. Avoid false alarms and intermittent technology issues with our remote security management services.

Start the discussion with a Security Specialist today to formulate a managed services plan tailored to your technology and building security needs.

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