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Customized Security as a Service Solutions for NY & NJ Organizations

The POM+ Plan is a security as a service solution with features designed for maximum flexibility and efficiency—all at one monthly subscription fee. It's designed to not only simplify the process of getting a security system, but also eliminate your concerns about design, installation, monitoring and maintenance.

Additionally, the POM+ Plan reduces your technology risk and exposure. We protect your equipment from becoming obsolete by ensuring that your system stays up-to-date with the latest hardware and software.

The POM+ Plan Includes:

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An Integrated Security System
We will evaluate your security requirements and custom design an integrated solution that mitigates today's threats. Our experts have over 75 years of combined experience creating security as a service solutions. They will survey your facility, discuss your needs, make recommendations and devise a solution that meets your demands.

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Cloud Based Managed Services
We will compliment your guard staff and physical barriers with remotely monitored cameras and access control. Either 24/7, after hours or as needed, POM Managed Services provides an additional layer of safety and security to protect your people and property.

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The POMAdvantage
We will guard your system 24/7 with a multifaceted service solution that protects your security and business needs. This best-in-class feature gives you peace of mind by knowing that not only is your security system protecting your facility, but the system itself is protected 24/7.
The POMAdvantage: Best-in-Class Customer Care

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Heartbeat Monitoring 
POMAdvantage's exclusive Heartbeat Monitoring technology enables our technicians to continuously monitor the health of all of your security system's IP connected devices. Should any component of your system malfunction, quick notification allows us to detect, diagnose and, in most cases, remotely resolve the issue before you even become aware of it. This proactivity allows for minimal vulnerable downtime.

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Future Proof Technology
Innovations in technology make what is new today obsolete tomorrow. POM allows you to focus on the future of your company while we focus on making sure that you continue to be connected and protected with the best available technology. The POM+ Plan helps keep your system up-to-date with upgrades to your system provided at NO additional charge.
The POM+ Plan Avoids the Financial Burden of Outdated or Inferior Technology with Automatic System Upgrades

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No Upfront Capital Expenditure
Now you can pay for your security service solution monthly, just as you do for your utilities

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POM Technologies designed the POM+ Plan so that businesses and organizations can take advantage of our enterprise level expertise and, at the same time, simplify and make affordable the process of procuring a security as a service solution.

We know that getting a security system can be an intimidating process. There are many decisions to make:

  • What exactly do we need?
  • How many cameras? What types of cameras? Where do they go?
  • Do I need to buy new locks for all of my doors?
  • How do I monitor what’s going on?
  • What happens if something breaks or malfunctions?
  • What is all of this going to cost? Can we afford it?
  • How many different vendors are we going to have to deal with?


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