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Business Security Systems For Corporate Offices & Commercial Buildings

In New York, New Jersey And Beyond

Peace Of Mind Technologies helps commercial businesses and corporate offices throughout New York and New Jersey secure their people, property and profits. We have experience securing the buildings of companies of all sizes, from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies.

Our site-specific security solutions optimize your business’ security. These solutions make building management effortless so you are able to focus on growing your company and edging out the competition instead of worrying about the safety of your employees. Leave business security to Peace Of Mind Technologies.

Integrated Systems For Advanced Business Security

A safe staff and secured building entrances are only the beginning of an optimized security system from Peace Of Mind Technologies.

Our integrated security solutions enhance site management capabilities. Through integrated access control systems, turnstiles and ID badges, your onsite security staff has better visibility into traffic flow for better management and protection of your business. For example, in the case of a disgruntled employee returning to the premises, his ability to enter the building is controlled by turnstiles based on an ID badge with restricted access, as digital video servers capture the entire scene.

By implementing a security system that incorporates various, interconnected technologies, your business security is amplified to promote advanced levels of protection.

Featured Commercial Security System Integrations

Video & Access Control Solutions: The integration of digital video servers with access control systems is a powerful tool for businesses. You’re able to secure entrances, lobbies, offices or other restricted areas through ID card management and biometric security systems.

Our access control systems automatically log every access attempt – successful or unsuccessful. Utilize video in specific entry areas to verify the identity of all card users. We integrate these devices so footage is automatically recorded when the access control device is active.

Video Analytics Software Solutions: If your business lacks the manpower to watch every camera on your surveillance system network, you need an intelligent video monitoring system to detect and alert staff to security threats and suspicious activity.

Our software ensures no event is overlooked. Our systems account for: perimeter protection, intrusion detection, vandalism, object detection, theft, loitering, abandoned objects, piggybacking and unauthorized entry.

Success Stories: Business Security Challenges & Solutions

The Challenge: Take over and expand pre-existing access control and CCTV systems in the local and corporate offices, distribution centers and warehouses of a large grocery purveyor serving the tri-state area. This billion-dollar grocer was dissatisfied with their previous technology integrator and wanted to switch to a partner that could not only take over and support the existing system, but also expand the system’s features to fit their growing business.

The Solution: Faced with the challenge of securing different kinds of buildings with varying needs and concerns, Peace Of Mind Technologies custom-tailored the system design of each building. Each location’s system incorporated access control and CCTV, but the approach and equipment varied, employing card readers, electronic locks, network-based IP cameras, as well as optical and physical turnstiles. All elements of these systems were linked so the locations were secured and operations were more efficiently managed.

The Challenge: Design and implement an integrated solution with access control and an updated CCTV network-based system, without shutting down or interrupting operations of a landmark multi-building commercial property.

The Solution: Peace Of Mind Technologies successfully designed a multi-stage solution that was both scalable and unobtrusive for this commercial giant. Previously, these buildings had no access control on the interior or perimeter doors. Our security system integrators installed card readers on approximately 50 doors, effectively securing the property as well as allowing management to monitor the flow of personnel. The commercial space had been equipped with old analog cameras that were not connected. The outdated system was replaced camera-by-camera and linked on a network, enabling management to oversee operations remotely. These scalable solutions allowed the commercial entity to secure its property and streamline operations while never losing a day of business.

The Challenge: The owner of multiple fast food franchises needed a security solution that would secure his many locations, centralize the data and manage alarm access in the face of the industry’s high turnover rate.

The Solution: Each location was fitted with a state-of-the-art security alarm system and operational processes. Because of heavy traffic and high turnover, the owner found it difficult to manage employee and vendor alarm access. Our Managed Services offering adds and removes users as well as provides the owner with daily reports of the time and user associated with the arming and disarming of the alarms at each location. We were then asked to update the locations’ analog cameras to a digital platform with centralized monitoring. The franchise locations are spread throughout the city and now, through remote centralized monitoring, the owner has the ability to view any of his restaurants at any given time. These solutions have given the owner so much added control that he has expanded his systems, with our help, to three new restaurants.

The Challenge: A multi-building organization with 20 locations wanted to upgrade all of its buildings with integrated security systems. These systems had to be linked on one network that could be managed remotely.

The Solution: Peace Of Mind Technologies installed a complete integrated security solution in each of the 20 buildings with video, access control, intercoms and alarms. These devices were programmed to work with each other to maximize each building’s security and operations. The systems were linked on a remote network allowing management to log in remotely via PC, iPad, smart phone or other mobile device, and view properties or respond to alerts. Although these buildings span all of New York City, now, with our integrated solutions, they can be managed from virtually anywhere.

Protect your property and business assets with a site-specific security solution from Peace Of Mind Technologies. Speak with a Security Specialist today to assess your needs and form a better security plan.

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