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Total Accountability During A Critical Event


The school safety application for seamless communication and 100% accountability

In the event of a school emergency, you need technology that can facilitate a rapid and effective response. The days of using outdated clipboard rosters and walkie-talkies are over – instead, schools need an intuitive platform designed to give teachers and administrators a bird’s-eye view of who is safe, who is missing, and who needs assistance. Ruvna’s software does just that and more.

With Ruvna from POM Technologies, schools can:

  • Deliver mass notifications to ensure crisis awareness throughout the school
  • Achieve complete accountability for the entire student body during emergencies and drills
  • Safely communicate critical information to teachers and administrators
  • Access classroom-level data during a shelter-in-place event, without opening a single door
  • Be notified when injured and ill students need special attention
  • Examine detailed reports to identify procedure barriers

Ruvna is trusted nation-wide to protect and aid schools during emergency events such as lockdowns, evacuations, fire drills, bomb threats, and more.

Speak with a school security specialist today to learn more about Ruvna’s software and how it can keep your students and staff safe.

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