Design-Build Security Integration

Are you a design-build general contractor in the New York or New Jersey area? Proper security design is a crucial component of the site planning, layout and construction process. In addition to managing aspects of building projects such as plumbing, electrical and HVAC system installation, you may also need to oversee security system integration. It's important to hire an experienced security system designer that understands your client's needs and will collaborate with you every step of the way.

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At Peace of Mind Technologies, we specialize in commercial security solutions for businesses and organizations in New York, the five NYC boroughs and New Jersey. As a leading security integrator, we can manage the security aspect of the design-build process. We work with design and construction teams to develop a customized security system they can incorporate into their building layout. We also perform a professional installation that adheres to the construction project's specifications.

Our Wide Range of Security System Equipment

When it comes to security system design, POM offers an extensive selection of products that meet the requirements of contractors, architects and business owners. Examples include state-of-the-art-surveillance systems that help identify threats to the property and access control solutions that can stop unauthorized personnel from entering. During a global health crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, installing thermal cameras with body temperature-measuring capabilities can help company owners keep employees and visitors safe.

Our Security Service Plans

POM offers a full suite of services to maximize the building owner's experience. Our service plans include:

  • POMAdvantage: Your clients can enjoy peace of mind knowing they will receive a prompt response whenever there's an issue. When they sign up for POMAdvantage, they get access to 24/7 email and telephone support, unlimited on-site service visits, discounted system and product upgrades, ongoing training and more.
  • POM+: This comprehensive service plan includes an integrated security system, cloud-based managed services, POMAdvantage coverage and more — all for one manageable monthly subscription fee.
  • Managed services: Our managed services include hosted security services such as remote video monitoring, where specially trained agents use advanced camera analytics to detect suspicious activity in and around the facility. We can also provide remote visitor management to permit or restrict access based on the predetermined lists your client creates.

Why Choose POM for Design-Build Projects?

POM brings more than 18 years of security design-build expertise to organizations throughout NY, NYC and NJ. Over the years, we've developed a reputation as a leader in NYC security integrations. We're also the top choice for specific verticals like commercial buildings and offices, private schools, entertainment venues and health care facilities. Plus, POM is a proud member of the invitation-only Metropolitan Executive Alliance of leading NYC businesses.

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Explore Our Service Plans

The POMAdvantage Service Plan

What you get with POMAdvantage:

  • Unlimited on-site service visits from our technicians
  • 24/7 phone and email support from our professionals
  • Bi-annual preventative maintenance checks to ensure system health
  • Priority Response
  • No charge repair / replacement of POM Technologies-installed equipment
  • Loaner equipment while equipment repairs take place
  • Ongoing trainings to help you get the most value from your system
  • Discounted product and system upgrades

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