Security Systems for Arts, Entertainment and Recreation Venues in New York and New Jersey

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Peace Of Mind Technologies specializes in providing situation- and site-specific security solutions to entertainment, concert and stadium venues located in and around New York and New Jersey. The more people whose safety you need to manage, the more liability for your security team.

Control and visibility is the name of the game in entertainment venue security. The larger the space, the tighter the security plan. The more occupants, the more streamlined the visitor management system must be. You need a security system that’s designed based on how the venue is being used for each event on a regular basis. Don’t leave yourself open to chance. Choose an integrated security system from Peace Of Mind Technologies.

Integrated Systems For Advanced Stadium, Concert & Entertainment Venue Security

If you have a lot of space to cover and visitors to manage, you need a system of seamlessly integrated security technologies. An integrated security system from Peace Of Mind Technologies ensures your security strategy never interferes with venue events, but facilitates a secure and pleasant experience for event promoters, talent and attendees. With expensive equipment housed onsite and multiple entrances and exits for visitor access, close monitoring through a tight security plan is essential for advanced building security.

Featured Venue Security System Integrations

Video, Intercom & Visitor Management: Anytime a space is being accessed by a multitude of people with varying levels of clearance, visitor management and site-wide communication are essential for control. Digital video servers monitor visiting talent and loading crews as they bring equipment through freight entrances. Enhance communication and strengthen onsite security through intercoms in key areas throughout the venue. Manage and control all entrances, even ones lacking support from the presence of security guards, through monitored video streams.

Electronic Ticketing Solutions: Turnstiles play a big role in guest management. Enable your event staff to provide efficient traffic flows into the venue during a big event with electronic QR codes and digital-ticketing technologies.

ID Management Solutions: Limit your liability as an event space and be sure the right guests are going to the right places at all times. Restrict or grant access based on clearance levels using photo ID badges for event staff, visiting performers and their road crews and support staff.

Make sure your new security technology layout is based on how your site is going to be used on a regular basis. Reduce your security staff’s stress during major events and increase the strength of your system with an integrated approach using the industry’s latest security technology.

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