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Healthcare providers carry the responsibility of making sure patients feel at home during their stay. Reducing liability through restricted access of various areas of the hospital is key to maintaining the integrity of your hospital or healthcare facility. You’re responsible for protecting access to medical records, prescription drugs and the patients themselves.

Peace Of Mind Technologies contains potential events before they happen by alerting, locking down or evacuating areas threatened by unauthorized intruders. Because each facility has its own unique needs, our security professionals use a proactive approach to aligning your security needs with a technology layout to optimize security and promote advanced levels of safety.

Integrated Systems For Advanced Hospital Security

A situational approach is essential to securing your entire site. For example, the architecture of your building and how your site – from lobbies to hallways to waiting rooms – is being used on a regular basis contributes to the design of your security system. Address security risks and traffic flow areas for increased coverage and a fully secure site. Optimize building security and site management through a cost-effective security solution that accounts for low-level threats and acts of vandalism.

Featured Hospital Security System Integrations

ID Badge Management & Access Control: A comprehensive hospital security plan incorporates ID badges and access control systems. Permit employees and guests to access food service areas, patient rooms, linen closets and restricted spaces with ID cards. Access points along hallways and between buildings spanning blocks creates a seamless link between security systems.

Access Control & Video Surveillance: With video surveillance and intruder alarm systems, security guards may assess a threat before sending backup or notifying authorities. Turn your security team into a task-oriented staff and cut down on patrols with instant access to restricted and high traffic areas.

Advanced Video Analytics: Optimize camera coverage and site-wide sight lines. Be sure every corner and every stairwell is covered. With intelligent video monitoring, your staff has the ability to distinguish between security threats and authorized visitors. A smart-search feature enables your staff to search monitoring devices for specific and immediate concerns.

Success Stories: Hospital & Healthcare Security Challenges & Solutions

The Challenge: A New York City community healthcare and senior care provider with disparate systems that did not work together needed their access control and cameras upgraded and integrated in each of their locations.

The Solution: Patient safety is of the utmost concern to healthcare facilities, so Peace Of Mind Technologies first focused on access control installation, integration and implementation of standard operating processes. By replacing the three independent access control systems with an integrated and unified system with remote capabilities, our security system integrators centralized all access data. This solution was not only efficient, but also scalable, and additional systems were added as the healthcare provider grew. A similar approach was taken with video. Outdated equipment was replaced and connected on a network, allowing for remote monitoring and search functions. Finally, the antiquated alarm systems were removed and upgraded. With new alarms, CCTV and access systems, the patients, staff and visitors of this growing facility are safer than they’ve ever been.

An integrated security solution from Peace Of Mind Technologies empowers hospitals and healthcare facilities to fully manage and secure their sites for constant monitoring and threat detection. Opt out of your current system and into a solution suited specifically to support your hospital’s security.

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