Facial Recognition

Facial recognition surveillance has been used around the world for many years, both in the private and public sectors. Although facial recognition technology remains controversial, the coronavirus has highlighted some of its clear benefits. As businesses plan to reopen their facilities, they are turning to facial recognition and other biometric security solutions to keep workers and customers safe.

header iconHow Facial Recognition Solves COVID-19 Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented new challenges for businesses. To prevent the spread of the virus, organizations need to enforce mandatory mask policies, refuse access to people displaying symptoms and limit the number of people who come into contact with one another. At the same time, they need to maintain high productivity and profitability.

Facial recognition technologies solve many of the challenges businesses face as they prepare to reopen during the pandemic. When you install a security system equipped with facial recognition security cameras, you can give access to personnel while limiting contact. You can even screen for the presence of a mask or face covering automatically, allowing the rest of your team to work uninterrupted.

Our Biometric Facial Recognition Products

Facial recognition will play a vital role in protecting businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic and future health crises. At Peace of Mind Technologies, we offer facial recognition biometric security devices to help you prepare. These systems use sophisticated cameras to validate identity and control access.

Our facial recognition products come with the following features:

  • Integration with access control systems, including locks and electric door openers
  • Accurate identity verification, even when the individual is wearing a mask
  • The ability to identify the presence of a mask or face covering
  • Secure storage of biometric data and personal information
  • The ability to be added onto existing systems like turnstiles or even elevator destination dispatch

The Benefits of Implementing Facial Recognition

Adding facial recognition to your organization's security strategy provides both practical and financial benefits by:

  • Limiting contact at access points: Unlike card swipe systems and fingerprint scanners, facial recognition security cameras do not require physical interaction from the user. The need for contact is further reduced when you integrate facial recognition with an electric door opener. Less contact means fewer opportunities for infection.
  • Preventing unauthorized access: Today, facial recognition software utilizes depth perception and 3D scans to identify people accurately. This helps prevent people from gaining access using someone else's credentials.
  • Streamlining check-in: A facial recognition system can check for the presence of a mask automatically, so you can keep your work environment safe without stationing an employee at every access point.

After the COVID-19 pandemic passes, a facial recognition system will continue to keep your facility secure. At POM, we vet all our partners thoroughly and benchmark test the products we sell to ensure you receive solutions that perform well in the long term.

Why Work With POM?

When you install a facial recognition surveillance system, you expect it to function perfectly around the clock. Our POMAdvantage program will give you access to the service you need to reopen your business with confidence. Our in-house technicians provide unlimited on-site service visits, 24/7 phone and email support, and ongoing training to boost return on investment.

POMAdvantage decreases system downtime and eliminates surprise repair costs, which is why 90% of our clients sign up.

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Let us install a facial recognition solution that improves your building's security and solves your COVID-19 challenges. We serve clients in New York and New Jersey. To get started with Peace of Mind Technologies, contact one of our security specialists today.

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